Saturday, May 9, 2009

There's a Tail in My Face

It's hard to take a nap with a big fuzzy tail in your face. Trust me, this isn't the first time Missy's tail has become a problem. I let her sleep on my bed with me, and this is the thanks I get. If i wasn't so tired there might be trouble.


  1. Funny post!
    I loved this picture!Please be patient with Missy! LOL
    You are always lovely!
    purrs from Brazil
    ( and mommy Léia )

  2. BooBoo, you and our neighbor-kitty Figaro both made great shadows. Thanks fur visiting us today.
    Black kitties rock!

  3. Hahaha! Why not give that tail a bitey? She'll learn to keep it out of your face!

  4. yeah, i have this problem wif edmund a lot, too. just because we snuggle togefur doesn't mean i want my air filtered through his tail!! thanks for visiting us!!

  5. yes, tails in ur face can be a real problem... we hope you could something against this intruder in ur bed!

    thanks for stopping by our lil blog!

    chica & pumuckl

  6. Hai Boo Boo nice to furry meet yoo. We has live fishy tv's too but dey isnt as big as da fishy mentioned on our bloggie!

  7. Didja try using it as a pillow or a security blanket? It's big and floofy, should make a great pillow.

  8. Gemini does that. It is very annoying.

  9. Hi there, Boo Boo

    Nice to meet you. That is a very nice snoozing picture of you. Thanks for visiting us. Oh, and Mike is a bit on the floofy side but he doesn't shed near as much as Bono, who is the white guy with the very short hair. His furs are attracted to black pants.