Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guest Post by Missy

Hi, I'm Missy the Maine coon. It's Saturday and Boo is taking off today. She asked me to fill in. I hope you don't mind. What should I say? Well, I'm just sitting here looking at my busy schedule for the day.

1. Eat

2. Use Litterbox

3. Get 22 hours of sleep.

I better get back to #3. Bye!


  1. Hello Missy!
    You are cute!
    Lovely picture!
    I wish you and BooBoo a nice weekend
    Purrs and noselicks from Brazil
    Luna ( and mommy Léia )

  2. Missy, you are so beautiful! You should meet my Dante -- I think you'd make a handsome couple. Of course he's been snipped -- it hope that's not a purroblem.
    I better let you get back to your busy schedule. Wouldn't want to miss one of those catnaps!

  3. Your schedule is a purrfect match to our schedule. Enjoy your day purrty lady...
    Your friends,
    Maggy and Zoey

  4. Missy, you got a full day ahead of you!

  5. I would hate it if you missed out on some sleep just for covering for another cat!

  6. That sounds like our day, Missy! Very nice to meet you

  7. Missy you are doing a great job hosting the blog for Boo! Rest up - it is hard work.

  8. That sounds like my kind of day!

  9. Hi Missy, sounds like my day too.

  10. That is a good list of things to do! Did you get them all done?

  11. Hello there Missy, you are a very pretty feline!!!!

    Have a restful day!