Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't Mess With Me When I'm on my Fleece

These constant pictures are getting ridiculous. Can't they see I'm trying to take a nap?

I have this thing called a "fleece." It is great for cats, because it is so soft and warm. I love to nap on it, and so does Missy. Sometimes we even share it. I hope other cats have fleeces too.


  1. Our mama duzn't like it when we has "fleece". She gits out da flee powder. We didunt noes does fleece were nice to sleep on! U learn sumfing efurry day!

  2. Hi BooBoo, nice to meet you (and Missy, too)... and thanks for visiting with us. We want to do a picture of you for our Friends Friday post, is that OK with you? Can you email us... what color
    are your eyes -- when they're not "laser" eyes...
    your new furriends, Maggy and Zoey of Zoolatry.

  3. Hi there BooBoo! Thanks for stopping by! It looks like you have a wonderful place to snooze! Too bad they wouldn't leave you alone!! ;)


  4. CCL Wendy,

    I've heard of fleas but so far I've never had any. I'm a housecat and don't go outside.

    Maggy and Zoey,

    Hi. My eyes are usually green. I e-mailed you a larger version of my profile picture.

    Goldie, Shade and Banshee,

    No problem. I like seeing all the other cats who are also blogging.

  5. It's hard to not be photographed when you are so cute!

  6. Hi BooBoo, thank you for your comment.
    That looks furry comfy. We have a sheepfur to nap on the rocking chair. Luzie don´t like it but Luna love it and sometimes she let Olli sleep on it too.

  7. BooBoo...we are not fans of the flashy box either! Just keep giving them the laser eyes and maybe they'll leave you alone!

  8. Hi BooBoo, thank you for coming by our blog. It is very nice to meet you. And we love your fleece, it looks very cozy and warm. We would luvs to be friends with you.

  9. Hi Boo Boo! The neighbor's black cat is named that too, but she's not as sleek as you are. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting on our blog.

    We have fleeces too. Starla and Skylar don't like it when theirs has to be washed. They have a blue one, and they know it's THEIRS, pouting all the time it's washing and drying, then hopping right back up on it when it's back in its rightful place!

  10. We have a fleece hammick that hangs on the radiator. And when the central heating is turned on it gets all cosy and warm - and then we squabble over "sharing" it!!!!! Tee hee!