Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Should I watch TV or talk on the phone? Maybe I could do both at once! Ha, ha, just kidding. I don't really do either of those things. But as you can see, I do spend a lot of time on my big bed.

I was bird-watching in the window, and had just leaped back onto my bed. Believe it or not, someone was waiting to take my picture.


  1. That big bed looks furry cozy...a great place to spend a lot of time...if you could only get some peace and quiet from the flashy box....

  2. Wow Boo-Boo -- you has dat whole big bed all to yourself? What a lucky kitty! Where do you make your hoomans sleep?

  3. Oh, you iz sum handsome black kittiez! We haz a black kitty, too. His name is Forrest cuz he waz rescued when he was libbing in a forest all by his-self. Mean peoplez left him dere. But now he's got a nice home wif lotz a' food and l♥ve.

  4. That bed is definitely great. My humans sleep in it when I'm not using it.


    Thanks. Black cats are definitely special.

  5. I hate having to make decisions. I usually go along with whatever the Woman is doing.

  6. Hi Boo Boo! It's so nice to meet you!! Thanks for stopping in and checking out the contest. We really hope you decide to enter!!
    The Creek Cats

  7. We can see why you'd like the big bed, it looks very comfortable!

  8. Hello Boo Boo!
    You are sooooooo cute!
    Lovely picture!
    Your blog is very cool!
    Many thanks for your visit and comments in my blog.I'm very happy!

    Purrs from Brazil
    ( and my mommy Léia )

  9. Hello ! This is my first time seeing u! keep in touch! (^^,)

  10. I am new to visiting you too! Nice to meet you.

  11. Your bed looks cozy BooBoo. You might find something on Animal Planet that you'd like to watch. The staff sometimes leaves that channel on when they go off.