Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Missy Again

Hi, it's Saturday and that means it's time for another guest post from me, Missy. Boo asked me to fill in on Saturdays so she has a day off. The only problem is that I never know what to say.

Let's see. It is hot. Boo likes it hot, but I don't. In case you didn't notice, we Maine Coons have a lot of fur. You see that chair I'm sitting on in the picture? I'm not sitting on it now, because that spot is hot. Good hot weather spots are the floor, and under a fan. I hear that fan calling me now. Bye!


  1. Well, Missy, I can certainly understand why you don't like it hot! My Dante is a Maine Coon, too, and even though he shed lotsa fur for the summer, he's still got lots left, too! You did good as guest post-host!

  2. Hi Missy! I like it hot too, like BooBoo...maybe it's something about us black cats...

    I hope you can find a cool spot!


  3. I also like stretching out with my back on the floor on warm days...
    Luna (and mommy Léia)

  4. Hai Missy! Its nice to meets you and very nice for you to fills in for Boo. I knows what you mean about keepings cool, I hopes dat fan is workings for you.

  5. I hope it's not too too hot for you! I hate it when it's way too hot.

  6. Hi Missy! Like that photo! We hide more when it is hot!

  7. Missy, we like hot weather too,but not the sticky hot stuff!!!! We agree that the floor and a fan are nice !!! Enjoy your fan !!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie