Monday, June 1, 2009

Guardian of the Litter

Here I am, standing guard over a brand-new tub of litter. There's nothing like fresh litter! It's fun to dig in, kick around, play with, and well, go in.

Fortunately my people provided me with this cool, flexible cave to hide in. They call these things "bags." This one is great, because it is made of paper. As any cat will tell you, paper is great for sitting on. From this cave I can keep watch over my new litter. If anyone tries to take it, I will strike!


  1. New litter is the greatest, BooBoo!! Be sure to keep an eye on it so no one steals it from you!

  2. I love to scrape around in a fresh litter box. I hate it when I unearths someone else's *treasure*.....P.S., you look really, really spooky-cool in that cave bag :)

  3. hahaha Funny picture BooBoo!
    Beware about everything there!okay!
    purrs and love

  4. BooBoo that is a great hiding place - no one will see you until you pounce when they try to take your litter!