Sunday, June 7, 2009


My female human is having to go to someplace called a hospital this week to have her knee replaced. She has been hurting all the time, so hopefully it should help her. But I spend lots of time with her and will miss her while she is away.

My male human better not forget to feed me while she's gone. Wel, if he does, I will just have to remind him. 


  1. Oh no! We don't know what worries us most...the fact that your human has to have an operation or the fact that you might starve....

  2. I hope your mom is all better soon! Dads are nice and all, but nothing is the same as the mom.

  3. We're sending well wishes to your lady bean. We hope you don't miss any meals, you'll need every ounce of energy to keep on snuggling duty when she gets back!

  4. I do hope your Mom will recover fast.

    Dad's don't always remember to feed us like Mom does. She spoils us ...

  5. Don't worry dear BooBoo! We will pray for her and everything will be fine soon!
    We will be thinking about you all time !
    Purrs and love

  6. We hope your mum has a swift and easy recovery.